The world of Education can be a very confusing place.  Acronyms exist for just about everything that you can think off.  Below are a few acronyms and their defination for terms you may encounter at the school.

ARE Age Related Expectation
AARE Above Age Related Expectation
AT Attainment Target
BSP Behaviour Support Plan
CCT Compulsory Competitive Tendering
CfBT Centre for British Teachers Education Services
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
CRB Criminal Records Bureau
DfE Department for Education
DLO Desirable Learning Outcome
EA Education Adviser
EDP Education Development Plan
EWS Education Welfare Service
FSA Food Standards Agency
FSM Free School Meals
FTE Full Time Equivalent (staffing)
GB Governing Body
GT Gifted and Talented
H&S Health and Safety
HI Hearing Impaired
HMI Her Majesty’s Inspector/Inspectorate
HSE Health and Safety Executive
IBP Individual Behaviour Plan
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IEP Individual Education Plan
INSET In-Service Education and Training
KS Key Stage
LA Local Authority
LCC Lincolnshire County Council
NC National Curriculum
NOR Number On Roll (pupils)
Ofsted Office for Standards in Education
PE Physical Education
PSP Pastoral Support Programme
PTA Parent-Teacher Association
PTR Pupil Teacher Ratio
SAT Standard Assessment Task
SDP School Development Plan
SEF Self-Evaluation Form
SEN Special Educational Needs
SENCO Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
SLA Service Level Agreement
TA Teaching Assistant
VI Visually Impaired
VFM Value For Money 

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