Regular attendance and punctuality are vital in order for children to reach their full potential. We aim to work with children and parents in promoting and celebrating good attendance and punctuality. We track attendance patterns closely and we promote good attendance through certificates and an attendance cup.

On the first day of absence, please phone or get a message into school to let us know why your child is unable to attend.

Days off for shopping, birthdays, etc are not allowed. The school has a zero holiday policy, which means that we will not authorise any absence to take a holiday.

Please try to make medical appointments for after school hours where possible. Failing that either an early or late appointment will mean your child does not need to miss a whole school day.

It is important that your child arrives at school and is collected from school on time. Children who arrive on time for school are more likely to be responsive and calm for the start of lessons. Children can worry about missing school as they know they will be missing important work.

Parents must inform staff if somebody different will be collecting their child from school at the end of the day. In order to keep your child safe we will not allow them to leave with a different person unless we have been informed.


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