Breakfast Café

Recent research shows that increasing numbers of children have not had anything to eat for breakfast before they arrive at school which can impact negatively on their learning and behaviour.  The aim of our school Breakfast Café is to get children eating breakfast whilst socialising with their friends and taking part in interesting activities.

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The Café opens daily from 8:15. A wide variety of choices are available, includng a range of breakfast cereals, yoghurt, fruit (melon, watermelon, fruit salad, pineapple), wholemeal toast with spread, wholemeal bagals, wholemeal thins, apple and orange juice and water.  All children will be encouraged to eat a balanced and nutritional breakfast.


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At 8:45 the children will go out into the playground, where they will be supervised by a member of school staff, to get some excerise and fresh air before going to class for registration.

The cost of attending Breakfast Café will be 50p per day, to be paid on the day of attendance.  There is no requirement to book a place in advance.







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