The Foundation Stage is divided into a variety of areas for learning and development. We have an extensive Foundation Stage outdoor area that supports our activity based learning approach at this age. The children practise, build up ideas, and learn how to control themselves and understand the need for rules. They are presented with opportunities to think creatively alongside other children as well as independently. They communicate with others whilst doing all of this, helping them become active learners.

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The school, alongside the majority of other schools, is required to follow the National Curriculum. The subjects that the children learn about are English and Maths which are taught daily in each class.  Alongside this there is a daily programme to teach Phonics and Spelling. The curriculum for Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology and ICT is integrated and taught through topics. RE is taught weekly.

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 The skills of reading, writing and arithmetic are reinforced through topic work. Each class is taught PE and ICT by specialist teachers. French is taught in Key Stage 2. Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 are taught to evaluate their work against specific criteria, make improvements and be aware of their next steps in learning. 

For more information on the things that will be taught in each class this term please click on the links below:

Wrens Class - 2016-17, Term 1 & 2 - Year R & 1

Swallows Class - 2016-17, Term 1 & 2 - Year 2

Owls Class - 2016-17, Term 1 & 2 - Year 3 & 4

Herons Class - 2016-17, Term 1 & 2 - Year 5 & 6

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