Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Sutton St James Primary School values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils, and is committed to providing each pupil with the best possible opportunities for learning. We recognise that many pupils will have special needs at some time during their school life. Whilst many factors contribute to the range of difficulties experienced by some children, we believe that much can be done to overcome them by parents, teachers, support staff and pupils working together.

Objectives of Sutton St James SEND Provision

  • Ensure all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • Provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the individual's needs and ability
  • Ensure the identification of all pupils requiring SEND provision as early as possible in their primary career
  • Ensure that SEND pupils take as full a part as possible in all school activities
  • Liaise with outside agencies, when this would be beneficial, in order to access further specialist support for pupils and parents

Pupils with special educational needs are provided for in a variety of ways.  Provision is tailored to the needs of the pupils as much as possible. Staff are committed to making all of the children's school lives not only productive but happy. Examples of SEND provision include:

  • Quality first teaching in class supported by a differentiated curriculum
  • Additional intervention work with a teacher or support staff, either individually or in a small group
  • In-class support, with adult assistance where appropriate
  • Support from specialists using specific programmes and training

Sutton St James Primary School firmly believes that a strong partnership with parents/carers will enable children and young people with SEND to achieve their potential.

As of September 2014, all schools will be required to publish details of its school offer, detailing support for pupils with special educational needs and/or a disability to compliment the Lincolnshire LA Local Offer. Below are details of the current school offer at Sutton St James Primary School and the Local Offer for Lincolnshire.

What is SEND?

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