Safeguarding, Care and Behaviour

All staff exercise a duty of care to the children. We have strict Safeguarding practices with regard to recruitment of staff and when dealing with any child protection issue. For all child protection procedures please refer to our Safeguarding Policy that can be found on our website.

The school aims to encourage children to develop self discipline in their work and behaviour and to accept responsibility for their own actions. Within an orderly, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, learning will take place more effectively. We believe in a positive approach, encouraging good behaviour and attitudes by rewarding and praising wherever possible. Behavioural expectations are made clear to everyone in school and applied consistently by all staff.

Children displaying inappropriate behaviour are given the opportunity to modify their behaviour and learn from their mistakes.

We do not have school rules but we operate a ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ ethos where all children know what their rights are in school and what their responsibilities are – making clear the expectations for behaviour.

My Rights

  • To feel safe
  • To learn
  • To be happy
  • To be spoken to in a nice polite way
  • To have my property looked after
  • To be told the truth
  • To be told sorry
  • To be listened to without interruption
  • To work in a tidy and interesting classroom

My Responsibilities

  • To make sure everyone else feels safe
  • To make sure everyone else can learn
  • To make sure everyone else is happy
  • To speak to others in a friendly respectful and polite way
  • To look after each other’s property
  • To tell the truth
  • To say sorry when things have gone wrong
  • To listen to each other without interrupting
  • To keep the classroom clean and tidy

Our full Behaviour Policy can be found on our website.

E-safety – All members of the school community, including children, parents, staff and governors are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy before accessing any school computer systems, including the Internet. Our ICT curriculum includes lessons on e-safety.



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