Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Sutton St James Community School we are determined to meet the educational needs of all our pupils. Pupils with special educational needs are encouraged to become increasingly independent and take responsibility within the school.

The school manages to meet the needs of children who may be experiencing difficulty with learning, or who have a disability, according to the current requirements as set out in the Code of Practice. (This, along with our Special Educational Needs Policy, is available on request.) The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing assessment and provision in school, and also leads our team of Teaching Assistants, many of whom spend much of their time working closely with our children.

Children of high ability, as well as those experiencing difficulties, are identified by their class teacher and given additional input and support. The class teacher is able to draw on the advice and experience of colleagues, particularly the school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator, and external agencies where appropriate.

Each child with special educational needs has an Individual Education Plan, which is reviewed on a regular basis and discussed with the child’s parents. All teachers plan, set and mark work appropriate and relevant to the individual needs of their pupils, taking into account any requirements set out in the Individual Education Plan.

Our SEN policy can be found on our policies page.  If you have any queries about the Special Educational Needs provision for your child or about Special Educational Needs generally, please speak to the Head teacher.  


To view our School SEND Information Report please click here


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